Investing with a multi-generational horizon

We support clients in building thoughtful, durable portfolios and we leverage our multi-generational capital base to make patient investments in exceptional entrepreneurs and businesses.

Investment Advisory

Fry’s Path provides comprehensive investment advisory services to a limited number of families and institutions who share a multi-generational horizon.

Our advisory work is tailored to the needs of each client and broadly includes asset allocation strategy, investment manager selection, performance measurement, macroeconomic analysis, and family office services.

Our guiding principles drive us to foster unique alignment with client partners, leverage the benefits of patience and scale, and fundamentally view investing as vocation. Fry’s Path is a completely independent investment advisor, with no ties to any other provider of financial services.

Direct Investments

Our multi-generational capital base enables us to make truly patient investments to support long-term value creation.

Leveraging our advisory relationships, we are uniquely positioned to aggregate and share insights across a network of thoughtful client partners and world class capital allocators. This creates a powerful feedback loop and enables us to deliver deep resources to portfolio companies.

Our principals have nearly four decades of combined experience investing across multiple sectors – and because we are unencumbered by many of the mandates and timing constraints faced by traditional private equity investors, we are able to devote our full resources to identifying differentiated investment opportunities and helping our portfolio companies succeed.